Friday, 2 December 2011

Persian BellyDance

Persian BellyDance is a form of Middle Eastern Dance (Raqs Sharqi).
Persian BellyDance is a combination ‎of sensual upper body motions and BellyDance motions.In the other words,Persian BellyDance emphasizes on the upper body motions as well. It is,thus,considered as a full form of exercise.

Persian BellyDance is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness,with or without dance experience.

Persian BellyDance
           a Professional Dance Instructor from Persia
Being of Persian descent, Benaz has been exposed to Middle Eastern music and dancing her entire life. A combination of her heritage, her creative nature and her strong passion for Middle Eastern music and dance has made her dance style natural and unique.
Benaz currently teaches Persian BellyDance  in different locations in Auckland

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